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"There isn't a day that goes by that Meghan and I do not give thanks for how lucky and privileged we are to live in our house in a neighborhood like White Horse. On
top of that, we constantly marvel at how great a job you and your company did in building our house. While the houses in White Horse certainly have curb appeal and a "wow" factor at first glance, their true appeal comes after you live in one for a couple of years and see all the little things that you guys paid attention to. The absence of those little things would never have been noticed but their presence
is what makes the house truly special. Please convey our thanks to all of your people especially Mike Peron, Francine, Barbara and your whole office staff (who are unfailingly friendly, diligent and helpful). Meghan and I also hold a special place in our hearts for Mike Picard. You could never find a better guy to be the face of
White Horse. Not only is he the friendliest, most diligent follow-up man we could ever ask for, but you should know that he has gone above and beyond to help us out with some special equipment that we had to install in our house for our son Matthew. That's the kind of thing that you never forget and we'll always be grateful. Thanks Paul for everything - we appreciate it very much. "

Charlie & Meghan Houder
White Horse


"We wanted a home that the entire family could come back to – for special occassions or just to hang out. Jim and Paul were able to help translate our vision of that place and make it real. Now we have it – and we all love it."

The Doyles
Custom Home


"I have purchased three homes from the Nolen Companies. Working with them is always a pleasure. They really go out of their way to make sure I am happy."

Helen Boles
Merion Hill

Helen Boles

"I wanted to add some ideas of my own to the floor plan of my house. The Nolen people encouraged my ideas and made suggestions that made my home feel perfect. I was so impressed, that I bought my next home from them as well."

Joe Bucci
Whitemarsh Woods
and Hillview

Joe Bucci

"They have extremely high integrity. They are honest, straightforward guys. Their intentions are always to do the best they can and put out the best product for the best price for their client. Their intentions are golden"

Michael Visich, architect

white horse






"We’ve had parents buy our homes–then the sons and daughters. We’ve had couples who bought starter homes move up into another one of our homes. And we’ve even built private homes for other builders. It all comes down to service."
– Paul Finley, Nolen Companies