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James A. Nolen, Sr.
James A Nolen, Sr

James A. Nolen, Jr.
James A Nolen, Jr

James A. Nolen, III
James A Nolen, III

The Nolen Family building business was founded in the 1880s by
James F. Nolen
, who had immigrated to Philadelphia from Ireland. Starting as a laborer, James F. Nolen progressed to construction superintendent, eventually founded his own firm, and was a major sub contractor for the construction of Philadelphia's Broad Street Subway in the 1920s.

James A. Nolen, Sr., son of James F. Nolen, turned to residential construction in North Philadelphia as the population of the city followed the subway line his father had helped to build. With partner Charles G. Erny, James A. Nolen, Sr. erected more than 2,000 homes in the 1930s.

James A. Nolen, Jr., earned a degree in Architecture at the University of Notre Dame and with Herbert Swinburne, founded the Architectural Firm of Nolen & Swinburne. This firm earned nation-wide recognition as architects of superbly functional commercial buildings such as the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and the Health Education and Welfare (HEW) Buildings in Washington, D.C. and the Pennsylvania State Office Building in Philadelphia.

James A. Nolen, III, followed his father's path through Notre Dame and graduated with a degree in Architecture. As a registered Architect, he pioneered the Nolen Family's state-of-the-art design and quality construction techniques. Today, as President of Nolen Companies, Inc., Jim continues to insure the superior reputation the Nolen name has enjoyed for five generations.

Jim's brother-in-law, Paul J. Finley, joined the firm in 1977. Paul is a graduate of Villanova University. He started as an assistant Superintendent, quickly advanced to Superintendent, Project Manager and is now in charge of all construction for the Nolen Companies, Inc.

Nolen Companies Owners, Paul and Jim
Paul J. Finley, vice president (left) and James A. Nolen, III, president,
have been at the helm of Nolen Companies for over 30 years

Today, Nolen Companies continues the tradition of offering quality and value in all of their products.